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A Ford F-150, a BMW 3-Series, and a Honda Accord Coupe

If you are unable to find DIY's for your vehicle using the make/model/year lookup, please give the search on the right a try. Occasionally, the make/model/year lookup does not look through our entire collection of How-To's. If our search does not return any results we probably do not have any tutorials for your specific vehicle. Don't fret! Procedures are typically similar for vehicles of the same make. Try looking up the procedure for other models of the same manufacturer. Even researching DIY's for the same procedure on vehicles of a completely different make will give you some idea on how to perform the job. At some level a car is a car, a truck is a truck, and so on.

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Timing Belt
Door Lock Actuator
Tie Rod
Struts/ Shocks
Power Steering
Cabin Air Filter
Sway Bar
Spark Plugs
Transmission Fluid
Steering Wheel
Control Arm Bushing
Window Regulator Gear
Window Seal
O2 (Oxygen) Sensors

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