Acura Integra Timing Belt Change DIY

This is a DIY for changing the Timing Belt of an Acura Integra (No Year Specified)

Works For:
1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 ,1996, 1997, 1998 ,1999, 2000, 2001 Acura Integra Models

Source: Acura World

all right before I even write one thing I will say this. I am not in anyway or form responsible for any mistakes you make. If you mess it up don’t cry to me but fix it because you messed it up. So if you are not confident on doing a timing belt change DO NOT DO IT, save yourself the hassle and go and get someone else to do the dirty work.

First I will start off with a parts list that you need:

1. New timing belt (Goodyear gator series are good bang for the buck)
2. Water pump (I picked a new bosch but there are other brands)
3. Valve cover gasket (It is a must. Putting an old one on can and will cause oil leakage)
4.  spark plug grommets (Another must you do not want to leak oil)
5. Valve cover rubber washers (optional unless yours is dry rotted)
6. Can of degreaser (optional but i recommend it)
7.oil change (optional)
8.Patience,Patience and more patience

Now a list of tools needed

1.a good metric socket set from 6 mm to 19 mm
2. Good set of metric wrenches (optional but i would recommend it)
3. Strap wrench or chain wrench (either will do)
4. Breaker bar (IT IS A MUST!!!!!)
5. Impact wrench (optional)
6. Small sledge hammer (in case you do not have an impact wrench)

Before going on make sure you have all parts and tools so you do not have to makes ten million runs to pepboys


1. DISCONNECT BATTERY!!!!! If you have an aftermarket system or head unit make sure you have the code!!!
2. Remove vacuum line to valve cover then spark plugs After removing spark plugs remove valve cover.
3. Remover all drive belts (Power steering,A/C,and alternator) Check for wear and replace if necessary
4. Remove power steering pump and set aside. Take off top feed line and move towards intake manifold to free up more room.
5. Now it is time to jack your car up. Make sure you put your parking break on along with some type of wood block to further ensure it will not roll. Place car on jack stands. The higher the better.
6. Now remove the front wheel and splash shield from the left or drivers side wheel well.
7. Position the number one piston (farthest from distributor at TDC [top dead center). Remove distributor cover and make sure the timing is right and it is sparking on the number 1 piston which is the lower left hand side. Also always turn the crankshaft in a counter clockwise manner or timing will be off and you could run the risk of valve damage.
8. (optional) you can loosen up the alternator to remove of the belt but you can leave it on till you remove the UDP (under drive pulley)
9. Remove of the under drive pulley. The threads are not reverse so do not turn in a reverse thread manner or it will be even harder to get off. You have to use the chain or strap wrench and hold on while using a breaker bar or impact wrench. If you do not have an impact wrench get a sledgehammer and hit the end of the breaker bar till it comes loose. (it is extremely tight so be patient) Remove of the UDP.
10. remove of the plastic covers that cover the timing belt.
11. Place a jack under the oil pan and make sure to put a piece of wood between any metal to metal contact to reduce scratching and braking anything.
12. Remove engine mount (drivers side)
13. Remove water pump (be careful you will have plenty of coolant coming out so a drain pan is good idea) replace water pump no matter what even if it looks new. The bearing tend to go and overheating will occur.
14. You can replace the belt tensioner but they rarely go. Change if you want.
15. Clean that dirty engine to keep grease off of the timing belt

16. Retime your engine by making sure the valve sprockets are pointing up and the two lines are matched up next to each other.
17. Make sure the crank is positioned right there should be a little line on the oil pump gear and an arrow on the block. Line them up.
18. Install the timing belt and make sure there is no slack. Make sure the belt tensioned is tight and recheck the timing to make sure it did not move.
19. After everything looks good turn the crankshaft 6 times to make sure valves are not open while any piston is at TDC. You should feel some sort of tension but if you feel it get stuck STOP and check the timing. After everything checks out install the outer belt guide.
20. Put all parts back on leaving the remaining belts off till you are totally done putting all parts back on. If you feel everything is right start the car. If anything sounds funny shut it off and recheck everything for damage and problems with timing. If it does not start check distributor for proper alignment.

Enjoy a beer or soda. This should take around 2 days if it is your first time. I have it down by memory now so it takes me around a day. Good luck.

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  1. Panos Patacos says:

    Just my 2 cents about removing the crankshaft pulley bolt.
    Instead of using a strap wrench or a chain wrench, I put the car into 5th gear and had a buddy push the brakes. I gave it all I had with the breaker bar and it popped loose pretty easily.

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