Acura RL (1996-2004) Brake Rotor Replacement DIY

Replace the Brake Rotors on a First Generation (1996-2004) Acura RL

Works For:
1996 Acura RL, 1997 Acura RL, 1998 Acura RL, 1999 Acura RL, 2000 Acura RL, 2001 Acura RL, 2002 Acura RL, 2003 Acura RL, 2004 Acura RL

Source: AcuraWorld

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K, lets give it a try:

1. Park the car on an even surface.
2. Apply the parking brake.
3. Put the AT in P.
4. Jack up the car and take off the front wheels.
5. Remove both brake hose bolts (see pic below)

6. Remove the caliper bolts and take off the caliper body (they are here, sorry dont have another pic)

7. Remove the caliper bracket (this is the part on which the caliper is bolted on)
Now the rotor is free to be removed.
8. Remove the two 6mm security screws (see pic below)

9. Pull the rotor off. NOTE: if the brake disc is difficult to remove (NEVER hit the rotors with a hammer to remove), install two 8mm bolts into the threaded holes and thighten them. the disc will then come off. (see pic below)

10. Clean the front hub from any dirt.
11. Apply heat resistant molykote (copper paste is high temperature resistant) to the front hub (on the surface where the disc touches the hub)

12. Put the new rotor on the hub and secure with the 6mm bolts. DO NOT tighten them to strong, otherwise the disc may run out of parallelism.
13. Clean the caliper bracket and all pad springs (the shiny metal parts).
14. Install the caliper bracket.
15. Apply heat resistant molykote to corners of the caliper bracket, where the brake pads slide on and the brake pads corners too (see pic below)

16. Apply heat resistant molykote to both surfaces of the shims and back of the pads. MAKE SURE the brake pad surface is clean and no molykote or any other dirt is on it.
17. Install only NEW brake pads (never replace rotors only. they always must be installed with new brake pads).
18. Apply heat resistant molykote to the caliper body and the brake piston, where it touches the brake pads (see pic below)

19. Install the caliper body on the caliper bracket. Tighten all bolts.
20. Bolt on the brake hose.
21. Put the wheels on the car. Tighten the wheel bolts with 130 Nm.
22. Shift to N and try if you can rotate the wheel.

when running on new brakes follow these rules to avoid any vibrations while braking (discs worn out, parallelism out of range, etc.)

0-100 miles
avoid emergency braking. do not overheat the brakes. apply brake power only slowly and softly.

100-300 miles
put more power on the brake pedal but still avoid emergency braking. do not overheat the brakes.

300-500 miles
apply usual brake power. emergency braking is possible but avoid overheating the brakes with continuous braking over a long period of time.

over 500 miles
your brakes should be perfect now.

this is my personal guide for replacing the brake rotors and brake pads. i hope i could help you out. but if you have any doubts about it, please get in touch with a certified acura dealer.

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