Acura TL (2004-2008) ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Refill DIY

Ok first of all i would like to say Thank you to Road Rage for his thread on the ATF drain and fill.

also please read it before going thru this thread.


Reason im making this thread is because i found that his thread lacked good pictures. there are scans that help but pictures would be more helpful especially for a noob like myself. so this is for all the other newbies.

Please read RR’s thread before this one. i have read his a few times over before attempting the ATF change.

ok so here we go.

First locate the ATF fill bolt. i had to move my fuse box in order to get to it.

Your going to need an extension to get to it.

Remove the cover in order to get to the Drain bolt

Locate the drain bolt

Once it is done draining then measure the amount that drained out. i used an old milk gallon jug and measured 3 quarts and marked it with a marker. you can see its not all the way to the line but thats because i think i splilled some on the ground when draining.

Your going to need a long funnel to reach the fill bolt. Also make sure you put the drain bolt back on before filling (yes i forgot to the last time because i went and ate some lunch while it was draining )

Now fill with 3 quarts of ATF. i used Honda Z1

When your done check the dip stick

All in all its pretty easy but if your attempting this for the first time hopefully the pictures above help you out. i know i wish i had detailed pics when i did it the first time.

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