Audi A6 (1997-2006) Steering Wheel Removal DIY

Use this DIY to Remove the Steering Wheel of an Audi C5 (1997-2004 Audi A6)

I was repainting all of my trim and I wanted to do the column as well. You need to remove the steering wheel to get the column trim off.

It really is a lot easier than it sounds but It could have been easier for me with a little more insight.
It will take you twice as long to read this as the actual process. Just watch the stupid sensor position.

Park your car with the wheels straight.

Start by disconnecting the Neg. Battery cable.

Behind the steering wheel are two holes containing two T25 torx screws. Loosen them both.

Now the airbag assy will come right off into your hands. Carefully pull it forward there are thin wire harnesses behind it. I used a long thin carburetor screw driver to flick the sides of the white terminal, the red one pulled right out and you can squeeze the yellow by hand. Once they are off place the assy to the side.

There is one more black harness, remove the small terminal at the bottom of the wheel.

In the center of the steering wheel is a bolt. You need a 12mm triple square driver to remove it but it comes out easy.
Once you have the bolt removed. Mark the position of the steering wheel onto the spline. I used a yellow paint marker. If you don’t You might mis-align the wheel when reinstalling it. The splines are tiny so it would be easy to be off a click.

IMPORTANT. behind the wheel is a steering sensor you will notice it has two plastic prongs/nipples protruding through holes in the steering wheel. Watch the sensor as you remove the wheel It is going to spin downward. If you are aware and spin it down to the left. Later you will remember to spin it up to the right. I didn’t know this but you can spin it 360 degrees in the wrong direction and later you will need to take it apart again.- I DID THAT, Twice

After that’s out of the way remove the two Philip’s head screws directly in front of you, Two Philip’s head screws just below those and One torx head underneath by the adjustment lever and those covers are in your hands.

You can check the position when you are done Via Vag-Com
Measuring blocks, enter 005 it should say 0 or close to it, If it says ~360 your off a complete turn.

I figured I would throw i this info as well if you have a Vag-Com.

There are certain test conditions that must be met before doing this procedure:

Start the vehicle.

Turn the steering wheel one turn to the right and one turn to the left.

Drive in a short distance straight line on a level surface at a speed not higher than 20 km/h.

If the steering wheel is straight during the test drive then stop the vehicle with the wheels pointed straight

Ensure that the steering wheel is not moved again.

Keep the engine running and do not switch off the ignition.

Procedure for performing the zero position calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor (G85) on VW Passat and Audi A4/S4, A6/S6, and A8/S8:

[Select] [03 – ABS Brakes] [Login – 11] Enter 40168
[Do It!] [Basic Settings – 04] Group 001

This will store the zero (centered) position of the steering wheel. There should be a displayed message that reads: “Steer. angle sender compens OK”. If you get an error, it may mean the Login was not successfully performed.

Click the [Done, Go Back] button and you’re all set.

PS if you left the battery connected you now have an AIRBAG light. Go to Airbags  in the Vag-Com and look at the fault codes. Clear the codes and your all set.

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