Chevrolet Camaro (2010-Present) V6 Oil Change

Change the Oil on a 5th Generation (2010-Present) V6 Chevrolet Camaro

Works For:
2010, 2011, 2012 Chevrolet Camaro V6 Models

Source:  Camaro5

So I just did my first oil change this past weekend did this writeup since I had to piece it together for my V6 since it is NOT the same set up as the V8. If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me and if I miss anything, just let me know and I’ll add it to the writeup. I take no responsibility for anyone damaging their vehicle. If you are uncomfortable performing something like this, do yourself a favor and take it to someone who is. Special thanks to adub4185 for posting the V8 DIY oil change, bub for the filter pics so I knew I wasn’t going crazy, and my dad for helping his daughter keep her car in shape (we rotated the tires too)!

What you need:
15 mm socket (for the oil plug)
24 mm or 15/16 in socket if you don’t have it (for oil filter)
Torque wrench
6 quarts of 5w-30 (I use fully synthetic)
Oil Filter (ACDelco PF2129, K&N HP-7003, Wix 57090, Fram CH8765 or look up in index most places carry–thanks kb9wte)
Oil Tub
Car ramps or jack and stands
Blocks (for rear tires)

  • Warm the car up to get the oil flowing. Be careful, if you do it to long its going to burn when you start working. I usually do a quick turn of the neighborhood to line it up with the car ramps.
  • Lift the front of the car. We have car ramps for the front wheels. Set the emergency brake and block the rear wheels.
  • Pop the hood. Open up the oil cap. Dip stick of you want.

  • Time to go under!!! You will find the oil plug on the passenger side of the pan actually on the side. Mine had the yellow mark on it.

  • Place the oil tub under. Have it over to the passenger side tire a little since when it comes out it projects a bit (a lot this second time around!). Use the 15mm socket and loosen.

  • Let the oil drain. Clean off the plug with a clean towel.

  • Now onto the filter while the pan is emptying (you can do it this way, or close it up and then move to the filter–your choice!). This creeped me out at first when I bought it. I had a 99 Camaro and expected the filter to be in a housing—not anymore. Also, it is NOT under the car. Thanks to bub for posting pics so I knew where I was looking. The housing is on the drivers side next to the engine cover.

  • Us the 24mm socket and extension to take off the top of the housing. Oil filter should come off with it.

  • Pop the filter off the housing top and let both drain. Clean off the housing too and all threads.

  • Use some oil to lub up the oil ring around the upper housing piece. Pop the new filter into the top piece.

  • Start it off by hand. Tighten to 25 Newton meters (it even says that on the top of the housing) with the torque wrench (or 18.5 ft-lbs–thanks Texhawk)

  • Back Underneath! Once oil is down to a drip, wipe off the area and replace the plug using your hand (avoid stripping!). I tightened it as far as I could then use the wrench. Adub4185 says to torque the plug to 18 lb-ft at least for the V8 (this is now confirm by the Camaro Bible–HELM). (if you know the specification for the V6 let me know!)

  • Get all your new oil together and a funnel. The tube is curved (see pic below) so take it easy when pouring the oil in since the funnel probably will not fit perfectly.

  • put on and tighten the oil cap and place the dipstick back in if you removed it. Close the hood, remove the blocks, lower the car, put all your tools away and your done! Start your car up and check for leaks. If there are any, kill the engine and tighten up anything lose. Make sure to dispose of the used oil properly, Auto Zone is a fav of mine.


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