Chevrolet Impala (2000-2005) Dash Removal and Aftermarket Head Unit DIY

How-to: Dash Removal and Aftermarket Head Unit Installation
I installed a Pioneer head unit in my 2004 Impala and I hope this how-to assists someone.

The main key for removing and replacing the dash front and installing the head unit in a 2000-2006 Impala:
-There are two screws behind the steering wheel up near the speedometer area that need to be removed.
-There are two more screws on either side of the dash (open both doors of the car to get to them)
-Once you have most of the dash removed you can either use special clips to remove the stock radio or just yank it out (which is what I did).
-Putting the head unit in is simple, just follow the directions that come with the radio and make sure all your speaker/raidio/signal cables match up.
-Place dashboard back on and make sure it is flush with the top of the dashboard.

If these instructions are too vague or you have specific questions please feel free to ask me questions or reply to this thread.

I can also answer questions about installing the 6 1/2″ speakers and the 6X9 speakers.. I have plenty of experience.

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  1. anjy jackson says:

    great post, but if we try to get it done by a dealer how much would it cost us ?

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