Dodge Ram 2500 (1994-2002) Hub Replacement DIY

i replaced the hub on my front passenger side of my truck. i took some  :pic: and figured i would do a short DIY on it. it is a 99 dodge ram 2500 4×4.

started off my jacking the truck up, and grabbing the wheel and shaking it

next you take the wheel off

next is the brake caliper to remove. i take a couple zip ties and tie the caliper to the frame to keep it out of the way

next take the cotter pin, nut and washer off the end of the axel shaft

then you remove the 4 bolts off the back of the hub that holds it to the knuckle

once you get those 4 bolts out, there is several different ways to get the hub off. u can buy a bolt from a parts stor that threads into the back of the hub, and use a bfh and beat it out. or you can do as i did, and take a socket and extension, and have it hit the axel, and turn the wheel. causing it to push the hub out.

now that you have the hub and rotor off, its time to seperate the two. take one of your lug nuts, and thread it onto one of the lugs, and use your bfh and knock it out. then repeat on the other 7 lugs

now you have the hub and rotor seperated

next is putting the studs back in the new hub. i put the old hub on the floor, then put the new one on it, and then the rotor in place like so.

then you put the studs in. i do it this way, because the studs are longer then the hub, so trying to beat them back in, it would bottom out what ever your using before the bolts are all the way in.

when ya get all the studs set in, you take and beat the studs back in

then you put the hub back on, put the 4 bolts back in, and tighten them up, drawing the hub back into place. then you put the washer, and locking nut back on, and tighten to 175ft.lbs. then install the cotter key into the hole. if is not lined up, move the locking nut just a lil to get the hole lined up with a slot. then bend the key over.

and the finished pic

then put your brake caliper back on, then the wheel, and take her for a spin :)

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