Dodge Ram (46RE) Transmission Filter Change DIY

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Here are some pictures I took when changing my transmission filter this summer. 6 months later im finally getting around to posting them lol :argh:

Since the stock pan doesn’t have a drain plug, I opted to drive into my back yard just in case things decided to go sour. Haha, sour meaning in the process of lowering the pan full of fluid and with my luck spilling it all over me and the driveway. Figured the grass would be a much nice spot :up:

Here is the truck parked, and as you can see i have the essentials (iced tea on the tire :))

I decided to use a floor jack (which I have never seen any other diy’s anywhere use but im sure im not the first to think of it), toss a scrap piece of wood between the jack and the pan… and give it a little pressure to support itself and removed the bolts. Next with ninja skill I managed to balance the pan with one hand and lowered the jack with the other. (A helper wouldn’t hurt at this step).

Once the pan is down, I poured the fluid… into another pan lol

Here is the pan and magnet (minus the fluid)

Here is the old filter

Here is a random shot for fun

Here is my new filter and gasket (rubber gasket is the best option if you have the choice)

Here is the old filter removed. (two torx 20 bolts)

I cleaned the pan all up next

Installed the new filter

And finally tossed the pan back up and tightened the bolts down.

I poured four quarts I believe in the tube to start. Next I got the truck up to normal operating temperature. I checked the level and added as needed. I got it close to the level, and then drove back up to the pavement where I did my final level check. Hopefully this will help someone else.

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