Ford Explorer (2002-2005) Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Replacement DIY

Replace the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor on a Third Generation (2002-2005) Ford Explorer

Works For:
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Ford Explorer Models

Source: ExplorerForum

Tools/Parts Required

Slotted Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver

New Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

NOTE: Some have mentioned that the sensor is on the driver’s side. My sensor is on the passenger’s side. The replacement should be the same for either side.

1. Remove Grille

1.a. Remove plastic screws.

1.b. Use Phillips screwdriver to remove screws. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK THE SCREWS!

1.c. Remove plastic pins.

1.d. Use slotted screwdriver to remove pins.

1.e. Lift pin up with screwdriver. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK THE PINS!

1.f. Remove screw holders and pin holders. Use slotted screwdriver to pry both screw holders and pin holders up and out.

1.g. Lift grille up and out.

2. Disconnect/Replace Sensor

2.a. View of sensor with grille removed.

2.b. This panel can be removed for better access. I did not need to remove this panel! The red arrows indicate the pins to remove in order to remove this panel.

2.c. Side view of connector tab. The sensor is blurry in this picture but the arrow indicates the connector tab.

2.d. Top view of connector tab. The sensor is hard to see in this picture. If you look down from the top you will see the connector tab.

2.e. Lift the connector tab up and pull sensor in direction of arrows to remove sensor.

2.f. Push new sensor into place. Line up new sensor with the connector and gently push into place. You should hear the connector tab click. Make sure the sensor is fully seated.

3. Replace Grille

3.a. Place bottom of grille in first. Make sure the tabs indicated by the red arrows are lined up properly.

3.b. Push top of grille toward vehicle. Make sure the holes are lined up.

3.c. Insert screw holders and pin holders. Push holders into place.

3.d. Push plastic pins into place. Make sure they are fully seated.

3.e. Use Phillips screwdriver to replace screws. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN OR THE PLASTIC SCREWS WILL BREAK!

4. You Are Finished!

4.a. Enjoy a Cold Beverage of Your Choosing!!!

Thanks for looking in! 

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  1. tom thomason says:

    is this the sensor that gives the outside temperature on the dash?

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