Honda Accord (2004-2007) Front Door Panel Removal DIY

Remove the Front Door Panel on a 7th Generation (2004-2007) Honda Accord

Works For:
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Honda Accord Models


*Note: “But an FYI, you do not need to remove the window switch panel. I just leave in in place and unplug it from the rear. Saves a step and possible scratches on the panel.”

Remove the screws behind this small panel

From the rear, on the inside pry up on the window switch panel. Careful not to scratch it.

Unhook the wiring to the window switch.

Remove this screw.

Take off the mirror sail shaped panel.

Snap out the door panel on the bottom by prying with a trim tool. If you dont have one, you might be able to get under there with a paint stirrer, and use something like the that. Just take it easy on it.

Once you pry out the bottom, Lift it up and over the lock mechanism.

You should still have one thing left to do: Unhook the door handle cable. (its the piece here with green) Pull out the green piece, then release the cable by rotating it out of the clip (I should have got a picture of that, but I had no free hand)

Put in your new speakers, or whatever it is you were going to do.

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