Honda Accord Front Brake Pads and Rotors General DIY

Change the Front Brake Pads and Front Brake Rotors on a Honda Accord

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Honda Accord front brakes are disc and caliper brakes that operate by compressing brake pads against a metal rotor disc to create friction and stop your vehicle. Over time both the brake pads and the rotor will wear and require replacement. Typically the brake pads are the first to go and will need to be replaced more frequently than the disc rotor.

Parts Needed

The simplest type of brake job involves replacing your brake pads. For more worn brake systems you may need to replace or repair your brake rotor disc. Regardless of the condition of your brake system the process is similar.
You will need wrenches, a lug wrench, a C clamp, a jack and jack stands to do a front brake job on your Honda Accord. You’ll also need replacement brake pads and brake pad lubricant.

Inspect the Brakes

Park your Honda Accord on a hard level surface, engage the parking brake and place a block under the rear wheel to ensure your car doesn’t roll while you are working on it. Elevate the front end of your car and place jack stands under the front axle. Lower the car onto the jack stands and check to ensure the car is stable and resting on the jack stands solidly and squarely. Use the lug wrench to remove the front wheels and set them aside. Turn the steering wheel all the way to one side to make it easier to access the brake caliper.Inspect the brake system. Look for wear on the brake rotor disc and for any leakage from your brake lines or caliper. If the brake rotor is smooth and there is no leakage, then a simple brake pad replacement will usually be all you need. If your rotor is worn, it may need to be replaced or machined smooth. If your calipers are leaking they need to be replaced.

Remove the Pads

Start by removing the two caliper bolts. Place your C clamp around the caliper and tighten slowly to release tension on the brake pads against the rotor disc. This will allow the caliper to pull away from the rotor disc allowing access to the brake pads. Remove the old brake pads paying attention to the location of the shims.Place the new brake pads into position in the calipers with the shims. Place brake pad lubricant on the brake pads. Carefully slide the caliper back onto the rotor disc and replace the mounting bolts. Remove the C clamp and the brake pads will seat against the rotor disc. Repeat the process on the other side of your Accord. Once both sides are complete, mount your tires and lower your car off of the jack stands. Finally, pump your brake pedal a few times and check the brake fluid reservoir.

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