Hyundai Accent (2000-2005) 1.5L Fuel Filter And Fuel Pump DIY

Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, and neither myself nor take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk.

Aim: To replace the fuel filter and fuel pump.

Reason: If you car cranks over but it won’t start, it could be your fuel pump not working. Also, fuel filter should be changed every 60,000km.

Difficulty level: Easy. I am a novice.

Required: Ratchet, 12mm Socket, Socket extender, Flashlight/torch light, WD-40, Long nose plier, regular pliers, Flat bladed screwdrivers, Stanley knife, rags, Fuel filter and Fuel pump. Access to is helpful and free. You will need to register. Unfortunately, you must use Win PC running Internet Explorer to access the manual.

Step1. Remove the back seat: Use the 12mm socket to unscrew the two bolts securing the back of the horizontal cushion. The bolts is located between the cushion. Then push into the plastic tags located below the knee (if you are seating on the back seat) to release the front part of the seat cushion.

Step2. Access the Fuel Pump and Fuel Filter: Use the screw driver and Stanley knife (box cutter) to separate the black adhesive, and lift up the black cover, to reveal the fuel pump assembly and fuel filter. Careful you don’t damage the wire going to the filter and the pump. The filter is the small black canister to the left of the pic. The pump is located under that white lid with three pipes on top. Disconnect the wire to the pump by pressing on the release clip and lift the plug. Start your car engine and allow it stalls by itself. This ensure that the fuel line is no longer pressurised. Hyundai manual recommends that you disconnect battery power at this time. I didn’t. For your own safety, please do not smoke around fuel tank.

Step3. Removing the fuel filter: Disconnect the wire to the filter. Disconnect the hose to the filter. The Filter can now be removed. Put a rag around it to soak up any split petrol. If you are only going to install the filter, just reverse the order and your are done.

Step4. Removing the fuel pump: Disconnect all the fuel hoses. This is easy because all of them except one is secured using quick release. For the difficult one, I used a pliers to squeeze on the tension clip and pull it down. If that hose is too tight fitting, use a little WD-40 and ease that hose off the fuel pump lid using the pliers (light pressure). Careful there is petrol in the hoses and have plenty of rags nearby. Now unscrew that big cookie jar lid by turning the black rim counter clockwise. Lift up the pump assembly slowly and ease it out of the tank. Careful the floater is attached to the side of the assembly.

The pump is located in the middle of this assembly. Disconnect the wire (1 in pic) connecting the lid to the fuel pump. Examine the assembly and disconnect all the plastic clips (2 and 3 in pics) that is holding the whole thing together. You should be able to pull the bottom container off the top halves. Then disconnect the hose (4). I sprayed a little WD-40 and used a needle nose pliers to twist it. Then pull free.

Step5. Putting it all back: Is a bit finicky but it is basically the reverse of the above step, with the following note:
1. Don’t forget to re-use the rubber o-ring (D=4cm) from the old pump when re-seating the pump back inside the holding canister
2. It is easier to put the whole filter assembly back by seating the rubber seal around the tank first (5).

3. Test drive the car and double check there is no leaks.

Sorry if there is any omission. Input welcome.

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