Hyundai Santa Fe (2007-2010) Oil Change DIY

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The folowing procedure describes in detail, with photos, how to change the oil and filter in a Hyundai 2009 Santa Fe 3.3l engine. But first my credentials. I have been wrenching for over 30 years and two things I have learned is: 1.) have the factory service manual, and 2.) follow the procedure.

Ok, let’s get started. First go to the Hyundai dealer and buy their filter, actually it is called a “FILTER SERVICE KIT” because it includes the two ‘O’ rings and drain plug washer. The part number is: 26320-3C100. Open the box at the dealership and be sure you have a small package which includes the two ‘O’ rings and washer before you leave (Photo 1).

Next, place a 6 quart capacity drain pan under the oil pan and using a 17mm BOX wrench remove the drain plug and drain the oil (Photo 2).

While the oil is draining go to the engine compartment and remove the engine compartment cover with a 10mm socket; remove the four fasteners at the corners (Photo 3).

Locate the oil filter cap and remove it (Photo 4). If you have an oil filter removal cap to fit it, that’s great; if not, use a band type oil filter removal tool. Remove the oil filter. Be ready to catch oil drips with a shop rag.

Remove the old upper large ‘O’ ring and the lower small ‘O’ ring (Photo 5) and replace with new ones. Install the new oil filter (Photo 6) both ends are the same. I like to wet the new filter prior to installation. Screw the oil filter cap back on by hand. At first, the cap will feel like it is tightening and may become to tight to fully seat oil cap by hand; this is caused by seating of the ‘O’ rings. If this is the case, finish tightening with oil filter wrench until cap is seated, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. BE SURE OIL CAP IS FULLY SEATED AGAINST OIL FILTER HOUSING.

Place the new washer on the drain plug (Photo 7) and turn hand tight then tighten with 17mm an additional 1/4 turn.

Add 5.5 quarts of oil (photo 8). Replace oil cap. Run for a few minutes to check for leaks.

Install engine cover.

[Note: I have changed hundreds of oil filters across all makes and models and most all I had to use contortionist hand and body movements to get to them. Some I had to make special tools, and some I could not even see but had to feel to remove and install the filter. So my hat is off to Hyundai for placing the filter in the engine compartment – Thank you.]

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  1. jim mcmillan says:

    2010 4 cylinder is different. how do you remove the cover to get to oil filter? thanks

  2. admin says:

    I tried to look it up online and couldn’t find an answer. However, this DIY is from I’m sure if you asked the guys over there they could tell you.

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