Hyundai Sonata (2009-Present) Front Bumper Removal DIY

Remove the Front Bumper on a Sixth Generation/ i45  (2009-Present) Hyundai Sonata

Works For:
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Hyundai Sonata Models

Source: Hyundai-Forums

Hey gang, decided to upgrade my horns today, as well as install the fiberglass screen I always do with new cars. Needed to remove the bumper. Found a site where you can download the service manual (, which was a great find, but the manual was useless for this task.

Here’s what you need to do:
-Remove the 6 plastic rivets on top of the grille, as well as 2 10mm bolts at the very edges of the grille.
– Remove 2 plastic rivets under the bumper on each side.
– Remove 2 10mm bolts at the very end of the bumper, where it’s joined with the fender inside the wheel well.
– Now comes the tricky part. Service manual says to pull on the bumper, BUT the bumper ‘could be damaged’. That’s WRONG. If you pull on the bumper, YOU WILL BREAK THE TABS; no doubt about it. So what you need is a thin plastic trim tool to PUSH DOWN on the 3 tabs on each side, until the clips release the bumper. The photos below will make it pretty self explanatory. And the bumper picture will tell you precisely where the tabs are. After that, just pull out carefully, and remember to disconnect the fog lights. That’s it folks.

Oh, let me tell you about the horns. The dual (low and high) disk Fiamms were the perfect choice for me: Sound more European, with a higher pitch (rather than trucks), are equally loud as the Freeway Blasters (132dB), are MUCH thinner (the Blasters were going to touch the grille, and didn’t want to bend brackets), were the cheapest ($13 each, vs $15), and look just like stock. I decided to destroy the stock horn to remove the connector, so I could connect it back and leave stock wiring untouched (and protected from moisture). After carefully cutting wires to match connector location, and wrapping all connections with electrical tape, reconnected everything and car looked factory. Remember the car already has a 20A relay and fuse, so no need for any extra wiring or a relay (just don’t hook an air horn folks ). The second pic has the fiberblass screen installed. The 3rd and 4th are the bumper tabs, so you know exactly where they are. Hope this helps gang.


EDIT: Now that I have the bumper in place, the other Fiamm plastic horns (both regular and Highway Blasters, which look the same but they’re 120 and 132dB respectively) would fit without any clearance issues folks, so no need to bend anything. They’d obviously sit closer to the grille, but being black, they should be less noticeable than mine. I posted a pic below how mine look with bumper in place, in case some of you don’t like the look. The good news is the grille is chromed, but if I had a GLS with a body-colored grille, I’d have probably chosen the black ones, but it’s a matter of preference. The good news you can fit any of the 3 Fiamm high/low horns offered  . They install the same way, require about the same current, and cost about the same, so take your pick. Okay, my job is done here .

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