Infiniti G Series (2007-2008) Throttle Body Cleansing DIY

Use this DIY to Clean the Throttle Body of a 4th Generation (2007-2008) V36 Infiniti G Series

Works For:
2007, 2008 Infiniti G Series Models
Infiniti G Series Models: Infiniti G35

Source: G35Driver

Nissan throttle bodies are notorious for getting dirty pretty quickly. If your car has a rough idle, it is probably a dirty TB.

Here’s a link to the issue I had before doing this-
Idle RPM drop??

Items Required:
– 8mm socket wrench
– 10mm socket wrench
– 5mm allen key
– Clean shop towel
– Throttle body cleaner
– Pliers (optional)
– 2x throttle body o-ring seal (optional)

You will need to have the engine cool down before you start working. First you’ll need to remove the engine cover. If you have a FSB like me, you’ll need to remove that first. Simply take off the aluminum bar with the required allen key.

Next you’ll need to remove both intakes to access the throttle bodies. It is best to clean one TB at a time. Removing the intakes will depend on what type you have installed.

Once you have removed your intake, you can see the TB and the butterfly valve inside (golden). You shouldn’t see much dirt yet, as most of it loads up behind the valve. To take off the TB, you’ll need to remove four hex bolts as shown below with a 5mm allen key. use the star configuration when removing and installing these bolts. They will be tight since they have thread lock applied to them.

Once you have removed these bolts, take care when pulling off the TB since there is an o-ring seal on the plenum.
The TB will also have a connector for the throttle position sensor as well as two coolant tubes connected to it.
Do not disconnect the harness connector or any of the tubes.
You should have enough space to work with.

You can see all the dirt on the other side of the TB. It is really sticky tar and will need some nice scrubbing with a towel and a TB cleaner to remove it.

There will also be some carbon/tar deposits on the plenum side as shown below. It is the greyish stuff on the lower portion.

To clean the TB, spray some of that TB cleaner (you can also use a very mild degreaser) on a clean towel. Push the butterfly valve to access all the necessary areas and start scrubbing it off. Once that is done, it should look good as new. Below is what mine looked like after cleaning. I also did the same for the plenum. Do not spray the cleaner into the plenum!

If your car has seen a lot of miles, it is a good time to replace the o-ring seal between the TB and the plenum.

Once the TB is clean you can now reinstall everything in reverse order. Repeat the same process for the second TB.

Note: You may need to drive around for a couple days so that the ECU has time to learn the idle position.

I will not be held responsible if you mess up your TB’s or engine in any way. Perform this procedure at your own risk.

Hope that helps 

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