Lexus SC (1991-2000) Lower Control Arm

Replace the Lower Control Arm (LCA) on a First Generation Lexus SC (1991-2000)

Works For:
1991 Lexus SC
1992 Lexus SC
1993 Lexus SC
1994 Lexus SC
1995 Lexus SC
1996 Lexus SC
1997 Lexus SC
1998 Lexus SC
1999 Lexus SC
2000 Lexus SC

Lexus SC includes SC 300 and SC 400

Source: ClubLexus

okay this is by far the simplest job i have ever done.
tools you need:
Ball Joint Fork
22 MM open end wrench
19 MM open end wrench
14 MM open end wrench
metric hex set
needle nose pliers

Okay start with Remove wheel. it is preferable to have the vehicle on a lift cuz u gotta get up underneath it.
once the wheel is off, start removing nuts. the ones i have circled.

you then remove the cotter pin and ball joint castle nut. use the ball joint fork and a Big Fu$%in Hammer and break that ball joint loose. you also remove the shock bolt and the sway arm link nut.

then once u got the long bolts out that hook the arm to the frame(2) and the shock bolt, and the ball joint and the sway arm link loose. just PULL it comes right out… u might have to give the upper a small push to slide it out.

now take the new arm and push it up into place and slide the two bolts and finger tighten the nuts. this should allow it to swing freely.

now swing the arm up into place and put the ball joint through the knuckle and finger tighten the castle nut. attach the shock to the top of the a-arm and attach the sway arm link. finger tighten everything.

once everything is in place start tightening everything down nice and tight. i started at the ball joint and then the sway arm then the shock then the two arm to frame nuts. once its all tight, put the cotter pin back in the castle nut, and give the arm a pull downwards make sure u get no clunking or shaking. then you are pretty much done. put ur wheel back on and you are rolling.

this is why i replaced the arm i assumed it was the reason that i have the clunking and the hard sound whenever i run over something on the left side, and at speed it gets really shaky. reallly shaky. dont know what it is though cuz i still got the high speed shake and the rattle sound from the left front when i run over something like a city reflector on the street or something. any ideas?

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