Lexus SC (1991-2000) SC 400 Tensioner Replacement DIY

Replace the Tensioner on a 1991-2000 Lexus SC 400

Works For:
1991 Lexus SC 400
1992 Lexus SC 400
1993 Lexus SC 400
1994 Lexus SC 400
1995 Lexus SC 400
1996 Lexus SC 400
1997 Lexus SC 400
1998 Lexus SC 400
1999 Lexus SC 400
2000 Lexus SC 400

Source: ClubLexus

I read up on a thread by VSsc400 and decided to tackle the job myself.
The replacement tensioner is made by Dayco; Part# 89255. The unit comes complete with the tensioner and the pulley and ran me $56.88 at Advance auto parts. The unit is built out of aluminum just like the original.

Here’s a rundown:

-Disconnect Positive battery lead
-Remove serpentine belt by using a 14mm socket on the tensioner and turning counter-clockwise.
-Remove the intake filter housing, and intake tubing
-Remove the center plasitc plug cover
-Remove the pax side valve cover plastic and remove the bolts that hold the upper timing cover – you don’t have to completely remove the cover, just get it loose.
-Remove the bolts for the pax side coil – no need to remove it.
-There are 2 nuts and 2 bolts that hold the tensioner in. One of them goes through the alternator and tensioner.
-Unbolt the alternator and let it rest on the hoses below it – no need to disconnect the electrical connections.
-Once the 4 nuts/bolts holding the tensioner in are out, you should be able to slide the tensioner assembly out under the timing cover.

Everything went back together easily except for the timing cover around the cap and rotor. For some reason it just would not line up completely. Once I got the upper valve/distributor cover on, you barely notice it. This is primarily a dust cover, so I’m not too concerned with the 1/4 ince gap.

After the replacement was in, I no longer have the annoying squeaking/squealing that I had before. Now it is extremely quiet when idling – as a Lexus should be.

I believe I covered everything. If anyone has any questions let me know.

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