Lexus SC (1991-2000) Steering Rack Bushing Replacement DIY

Replace the Steering Rack Bushing on a First Generation Lexus SC (1991-2000)

Works For:
1991 Lexus SC
1992 Lexus SC
1993 Lexus SC
1994 Lexus SC
1995 Lexus SC
1996 Lexus SC
1997 Lexus SC
1998 Lexus SC
1999 Lexus SC
2000 Lexus SC

Lexus SC includes SC 300 and SC 400

Source: ClubLexus

Here is the step by step install of the Steering Racking Bushings

For this section, you will need to use a wood piece for leverage and use a craw bar to ply it upwards so you are able to know off the old bushing

There is another bushing behind the first one. You can press it out pretty easily

Notice how the old rubber bushing on the left is completely tore up

After you re-insert all the new Daizen bushings, just screw everything back on and you are ready to go. After this installation of bushings, you will need to do an alignment.

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