Pontiac G5 Oil Change General DIY

Change the Oil on a Pontiac G5 (Non Year Specific DIY)

Works For:
2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Pontiac G5 Models

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Unlike most of Pontiac’s line of cars, the G5 model is equipped with a cartridge-style oil filter. The type and location of the filter might baffle those used to looking for a canister-style filter under the engine. Normally, the filter would seat on the oil filter adapter housing next to the oil pan. However, with the G5, the cartridge-style filter is on top of the engine, underneath the engine cover and inside the oil filter housing.

Learn Before Looking

Instead of wasting minute after minute looking all over the underside of the car for the oil filter, it is best to know where it is located before beginning the hunt. In the case of the G5, it is located under the engine cover. You can remove the cover by taking off the oil filler cap, then gently, but firmly, pulling up on the cover itself. Once the cover is off, look down alongside the dipstick, and you will see the black filter cover, which you can open with a large socket, extension and wrench. The filter cartridge is attached to the underside of the cap. Simply pull it off, attach the new one and reinstall the cap.

Keep it Clean

Top engine-mounted oil filters can make quite a mess during removal and replacement. It is best to drain the oil pan before removing the filter from the housing. Once you have the oil drained, pack some rags underneath the filter housing to catch your drippings, then hose the area off well with brake cleaner after the new filter has been installed. If you leave the waste oil in there, or let too much of it drip, it will find its way to your exhaust. Old oil on a hot exhaust will, at best, smoke enough to make you think you have a major problem with your car, or, at worst, cause a fire. Either way, you are best off avoiding it by taking some precautions. Make sure you place a drip pan underneath the G5, directly below the oil filter housing, in order to catch the oil and brake cleaner as it drips downward.

Topping Off

When you are ready to put oil back in the engine, start by adding four quarts of the recommended weight oil. Once you have four quarts in, close the filler cap, then start the engine and let it run for about thirty seconds. Shut the engine off and then check the oil level. If necessary, add 1/2 quart and repeat the run-and-check procedure. Do this until the oil is at the top of the full crosshatch. Your engine will use a bit of oil between changes, so it is best to have it completely full.

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