Scion TC (2005-2010) Front Brake Pads DIY

Replace the Front Brake Pads on a First Generation Scion TC (2005-2010)

Works for:
2005 Scion TC
2006 Scion TC
2007 Scion TC
2008 Scion TC
2009 Scion TC
2010 Scion TC

Source: ClubScionTC

Since gas is so expensive, I made this DIY for you guys to save money! 

First of all I am not responsible if you break your own car. This is simply a guide to help you along your install.

-6″ C-clamp
– 14mm Socket wrench
-Breaker bar to break lugs nuts loose
-And New pads DUH!

1) Once you have your front rims off, grab your 14mm socket and completely take off the top bolt.

2) Swing the inner caliper away from the rotor.

3)Note the positions of the pads and gently remove them.

4)Remove the two metal plates and clip off of the old pads.

5) Before reinstalling the metal pieces and clip. You want to add some grease on the BACK of the NEW pads.

6) Reinstall the metal pieces.

7) Repeat steps of second pad. (2 pads per rotor)

8 ) Grab you C-clamp and slowly turn the Brake piston back in. (1 turn every 10-15 secs. You want the piston to sit back flush. Afterwards you can now remove the C-clamp

Note: You might notice a bit of brake fluid oozing out on top in your engine bay. Nothing to worry about just get a rag and wipe it off.

9) swing the inner caliper back in and HAND tighten the 14mm bolt back on.

10) Repeat for other side.

11) Start the car and check the brake fluid level. It should still be full. If not add some brake fluid.

12)Follow the bedding/brake-in process as outlined by the manufacturer of the pads and/or avoid hard braking for the first 100 miles

13) Your done and you just saved yourself a $100 at least by doing it yourself!

Comparison New vs. Old:


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  1. Vern says:

    Isn’t there a torque spec for the 14mm bolt instead of hand tightening the bolt? It seems rather unsafe.

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