Scion TC (2005-2010) Glove Box Rattle Fix DIY

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Works for First Generation (2005-2010) Scion TC’s

2005 Scion TC
2006 Scion TC
2007 Scion TC
2008 Scion TC
2009 Scion TC
2010 Scion TC

Anyone that owns a first generation tC will notice that a huge amount of rattle actually comes from the glovebox itself. This problem becomes even worse if you have stiffened your ride with firm springs or coilovers.

I got fed up with this today and decided on a quick and very very cheap fix.

Here is what you will need:

^some rubbing alcohol to clean the area will you will place adhesive weather seal (optional)

^weather seal tape, brand does not matter, but this is the most important item. Buy the self adhesive black foamy spongy type as shown in the photo above.

^cut the weather seal into small pieces about 2cm in length and place into the areas highlighted in the image.

cut two more pieces into the area where the door meets the dash (not pictured but will face opposite about 8 inches below your first placement)

You can also add more weather seal, but to not add too much because it will make your glove box too difficult to close. Placement as mentioned above is enough to stop about 90-95% of any glovebox rattle.

I took the vehicle for a drive over railroad tracks and road bumps and glovebox noise was virtually non-existent!


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