Scion TC (2005-2010) Lowering Springs Install DIY

Use this DIY to Install Lowering Springs, or Replace the Stock Springs on a 2005-2010 Scion TC
Works For:
2005 Scion TC
2006 Scion TC
2007 Scion TC
2008 Scion TC
2009 Scion TC
2010 Scion TC
Source: ClubScionTC
So Ive been getting questions over questions on how to do the springs install and I decided it would be easier to just do a DIY and answer all the questions there.

First off this DIY is done at each persons own risk. I am in no way responsible for anything happening to YOUR car unless I was physically there installing the springs myself

Necessary Tools needed:
1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ ratchets
10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm-3/4″, 22mm-7/8″ sockets
14mm, 22mm-7/8″ open wrench
Phillips screw driver
Flat head screw driver
Breaker bar
Spring compressors (2 minimum)
Long pipe, or shovel

Tools that would make the job easier
Air compressor
Impact drill
Compressor hose

I always start with the rear because they seem harder to do than the front.

1. Lift the car up by the rear

2.MAKE SURE YOU USE JACK STANDS!!! I dont know how many times Ive heard of a car falling on someone because all they used to hold the car up was the jack. Please they are relatively inexpensive and can save a life or a limb

3. Remove the interior trunk flooring, and I also removed the side panels to make it a lot easier to access the hidden shock bolt

there are 3 things holding the side panel in 1 10mm bolt near the tail light, one clip that pops out with a screw driver, and a phillips screw up near the top all pointed out here

4. once the sides are removed remove the piece that covers the back seats by prying open the plastic clip to get access to the 10mm bolts, one on each side
5. loosen the 3-14mm nuts at the top of the shock

6. Next remove the 19mm-3/4″ bolt here at the bottom of the shock. This bolt is really tight and would help if you used either air tools, or a breaker bar

you will need to use a screw driver and hammer to make the bolt start coming out of its hole because its in there pretty snug

7. Once removed, remove the 3-14mm nuts from the top completely

8. This is where you need the long pipe, or shovel. You need to use it to push the lower control arm down to make room to remove the shock

It can be tricky to remove this, so be patient and wriggle it around till you get it out.

9. Loosen this 17mm nut just a little

10. Place the spring compressors onto the spring equally distanced from each other and tighten down

Again, air tools make your life so much easier!

11. Once removed its time for the new spring to go in, this part can also be a little tricky, you have to align the bottom hole of the shock with the top part where the bolts stick out

Use the spring compressors again so you can install the top part back on

And there you go!

Re-tighten the 17mm nut at the top of the shock

12. Install the shock/spring back onto the car and make sure everything gets tightened: the 19mm at the bottom, and the 3-14mm’s at the top

13. Repeat steps 5-12 for the other side of the car.

Here is a pic of the shock, and bolts that must be removed

Put the tires back on, and lower the car back down once everything has been checked and rechecked to make sure its all tightened

And there you go, the rears are done!!

Now to move on to the front of the car, which I personally think is easier that’s why I do it last.

1. Start off by removing the clips from the plastic cover on top

2. Then loosening the 3-14mm bolts on top of the strut tower with a 14mm open wrench

3. Remove the 12mm bolt holding the brake lines down

4. Remove the 17mm nut holding the sway bar end links

5. Now remove the 21mm-7/8″ bolts from the bottom of the strut tower, these are on very tight and air tools would help, if not a breaker bar also works

6. Go back to the top and remove these bolts completely

7. Wriggle the strut out and put the spring compressors on, loosening the 19mm nut at the top of the tower

Again loosen just slightly to make it easier once the spring is compressed

8. Once removed the bump stop needs to be cut depending on what springs you have the amount needed to be cut will differ

I didnt have a pic of mine with the new springs installed but this is what it should look like with the new spring in

9. Put the strut back in tighten everything down and repeat steps 1-8 for the opposite side of the car.

Once you have checked everything to make sure its all tight put your tires back on and lower the car back down.

Depending on how low your drop is, you might have to put the jack on the sides and take each stand out individually.

My car with s techs, the front bumper was to low for the jack to fit under it.

Finished pics of my car with s-techs



I know this wasnt the most detailed DIY but it should let everyone know what needs to be done

EDIT: in my diagram for the front suspension I accidentally put that the bolts on top of the strut tower are 17mm, they are not.

There are 3 14mm bolts not 17mm

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