Scion TC (2005-2010) Cabin Air Filter General DIY

Use this How-To to Replace the Cabin Air Filter in a Scion TC

Works for:
2005 Scion TC
2006 Scion TC
2007 Scion TC
2008 Scion TC
2009 Scion TC
2010 Scion TC

Source: ClubScionTC

Ok, since we have the slot for the filter but it doesn’t come with one, I’ll give you the steps to changing it.

1) Order a Cabin filter fromĀ Drivewire

2)Open glove box to reveal a lot of junkĀ 

3)Locate molded clips on both sides of the glove box

4)Pull in on glove box edges to get the molded clips around the retaining point:

5)Open glove box a little further (it will not swing free but it’s enough to work with

6)Locate cabin filter housing

7)Locate clips on both sides (just give it a slight tug and they release)

Remove tray

9)Find small little clips on tray (these hold the filter in place)

10)Grab the filter

11)Place filter in tray (ribs pointing up)

12)Use slight pressure to make the paper filter slide under clips

13)Put tray back in slot the way you took it out (filter will be on top; make sure you push the tray in and feel it clip)

14)Push glove box up and push side clips back past the retaining point.

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2 Responses to “Scion TC (2005-2010) Cabin Air Filter General DIY”

  1. Edgar says:

    Quick question whats that filter use for.

  2. admin says:

    The Cabin Air Filter is used to filter out particles that are sucked in through the A/C system so that they don’t come out of your vents.

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