Toyota Corolla (1998-2002) Rear Hub Wheel Bearing DIY

A Rear Hub Wheel Bearing DIY for the E110 Eigth Generation (1998-2002) Toyota Corolla

Works For:
1998 Toyota Corolla
1999 Toyota Corolla
2000 Toyota Corolla
2001 Toyota Corolla
2002 Toyota Corolla

Source: ToyotaNation

This is a easy DIY on replacing your rear hub bearing with out taking your rear brakes off .

First you jack your car up and for safety you place it on a floor jack . Then you remove the brake drum off . Once you remove the brake drum you turn your the bearing until the hole lines up with the four bolts that hold it .

Once you remove the bolts then you can remove the bearing , You might need a rubber hammer to tap it off . Then you get brake cleaner and spray the area to clean it up . Remove any grease there . While you you are there check out your wheel cylinders for leakage and your brake shoes for any wear . Give them a lightly sanding if they look shinny .

Compare the two hub bearing . The OEM has a open back and the aftermarket has a sealed back .

Then you can put your hub bearing back on put some anti seize on the bolts then tighten and recheck . Spin it . Put some anti seize on the studs . Put your brake drum back on and adjust your rear brakes if necessary .

Then put your wheel back on , make sure you tighten up your lug nuts and then you are done .

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