Volkswagen (General DIY) Manual Transmission Fluid Change

Oil Change DIY for any Manual Transmission VW


Tools Needed:
17mm allen wrench or internal socket
3 or 4 feet of tubing that will fit in the fill hole.
A narrow funnel that will attach to the tubing.

Step 1.
Make sure the engine is not to hot to work on. Transmission fluid can get very hot!
Jack up the car on the drivers side enough to slide underneath. ALWAYS USE JACKSTANDS!

Step 2.
Near the back of the transmission there is a drain plug. Remove the plug and catch the fluid in a pan.
Let the car down, so all of the fluid drains out.

Step 3.
Put the car on jackstands again and replace the drain plug. Make sure it is tight.

Step 4.
On the front side of the transmission there should be another plug. This is the fill plug. Remove it.
Route the tubing from the engine bay to the fill hole.

Step 5.
Let the car on the ground so it’s level again and begin filling up the transmission by pouring the transmission fluid into the funnel attached to the tubing in the fill hole. Redline is a great choice for fluid, but others will work great too.

Fill untill fluid comes out the fill hole. Let it settle for a few minutes and top off if needed.

Step 6.
Replace fill plug. Make sure drain plug is tight. Shift smoothly and at low rpms for the first few shifts just to be sure the fluid is covered all of the internal parts.

NOTE: Make sure you don’t use ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) in a manual shift car!

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