Volkswagen Jetta (1991-1999) Front Coilover DIY

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Install Front Coilovers on a 1991-1999 (MK3) Volkswagen Jetta

Works For:
1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 Volkswagen Jetta (MK3) Models

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Here’s a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guide on how to install front coilovers for MK3 Jetta/Golf that I made for you. For more DIY information here…246#post114246

Here are my Tuning Art Coilovers that I have purchased for my MK3 Jetta VR6, its from Germany @ for a very good price. The only adjustable option these coilovers has are the height because the spring were already went through extensive research and development that went in to choosing precisely matched with the damper rates specific to VR6 application. It has CNC wound SAE 9254 racing springs (front :1008 ft/lbs, rear :672 ft/lbs) are used which were found to be the longest lasting spring on the market that showed no tendencies to sag, and its mated with high grade aluminum struts casing and pillow mounts . The coilovers can be adjusted from 20mm to 120mm.
I have also purchased a set of new mk3 VR6 upper strut bearing and rubber mounts to accommodate my coilovers purchased from for $63 shipped. It is a must to replace them especially when putting new suspension parts since the old ones are worn out and could cause the future alignment to be not precise. The VR6 strut rubber mount will raise the front 5-10mm higher than the 4 cylinder rubber strut mount because they’re meant to last to support the vr6 motor. Regular 4 cylinder upper strut rubber mount can work also which is thinner than the VR6 strut rubber mount, but its not that durable and its suggested to replace them every 30k miles.

Here are some pictures I took to provide a guide for anyone that is planning to upgrade their mk3 Jetta/golf on how to remove the front stock suspension system and install front coilover suspension system

First, prepare the following required tools at the pictures below to perform the proper removal/installation.

Tools 1

  • -Floor Jack
  • -Jack Stand x2

Tools 2

  • -Spring Compressor x2
  • -Impact Gun
  • -10mm closed socket wrench
  • -Vise Grip
  • -Flat head Screw Driver
  • -Ratchet
  • -18mm x2 Socket
  • -21mm Socket
  • -22mm Deep Socket
  • -Torque Wrench
  • -Air Ratchet (optional)

Tools 3

  • -Air Compressor (125 PSI or more required and more gallon the better)


  • -Anti-seize Lubricant

Here’s a picture of my front stock suspension with the stock height. The tires are so distant from the fender which is 3 1/4 inch away in height lol

Step 1
Slightly loosen the lug bolts then jack up the car. once the car is suspended on the air, place the jack stands to replace the floor jack. Then unbolt the lug bolts and remove the wheels. Never ever use floor jack as a jack stand!

Step 2
Pop open the hood and locate the upper strut tower. Then locate the top strut cap with the bolt. Grab the Impact gun with the 22mm deep socket attached to loosen the 22mm bolt, do not remove the 2mm bolt!

Step 3
Disconnect the ABS wire from the strut assembly if you vehicle is equipped with one, otherwise skip this step.

Step 4
Unbolt the 10mm bolt to disconnect the brake line bracket from the strut assembly.

Step 5
Unbolt the 2 18mm bolts and nuts that attaches the strut casing assembly to the spindle. Once the bolts and nuts, becomes loose, the alignment will be off.

Step 6
Remove the strut casing assembly by grabbing the strut casing with one hand, then unbolt and remove the 22mm top strut mount bolt with the top strut mount cap. The strut casing assembly should be free for removal now.

Step 7
If your new top strut rubber mount comes with the 21mm nut, skip this step. Since my top strut rubber mount did come with the 21mm bolt, I have to reuse mine. Grab the spring compressors and compress the stock springs from the stock strut assembly. Then use impact gun with 21mm socket to unbolt the 21mm nut.

Step 8
Pry off and remove the ABS ring mount from the stock strut assembly with the flat head screw driver if you vehicle is equipped with one , otherwise skip this step.

Step 9
Disassemble the coilover and screw to bottom sleeves down to the last thread. Grab the anti-seize lubricant and lubricate the coilover strut casing threads. Then assemble the coilover back.

Step 10
Make sure the top coilover cap is flushed down to the shocks last thread and place the strut bearing, then place the place the strut rubber mount, and bolt down the 21mm nut to 20ft/lbs to secure em all.

Step 11
Place the assembled coilover into the wheel well and mount it to the spindle. lightly loose screw the 2 18mm nuts and bolts to secure the coilover in place.

Step 12
Raise the front lower control arm by using the floor jack, make sure the jack is only making contact with the lower arm. Once the strut rubber mount is flushed securely into the inner strut tower, place the strut tower cap and bolt in the nut that the coilover came with to 44ft/lbs. But its impossible to torque it to 44ft/lbs, will require VW special strut bolt tool, might have to take a trip to the dealership for the proper torque specification.

Step 13
Try to make the rotor complete 90 degree vertically to the ground and tighten the 2 18mm nuts and bolt to 70ft/lbs with the torque wrench. Then screw like the sleeves like 3 inches up so the car wont be too low when its time to put it on the ground

Step 14
Place the ABS ring mount with the vice grip to the coilover strut assembly if you vehicle is equipped with one, otherwise skip this step.

Step 15
Place the brake line bracket to the coilover strut assembly and bolt in the 10mm bolt to secure the bracket.

Step 16
Place the ABS wire to the ABS ring mount, clip the ABS clip to the coilover assemblym then connect the ABS connector to the ABS sensor if you vehicle is equipped with one, otherwise skip this step.

Step 17
Installation of the coilover is complete on one side. Perform the other side and go back to step on. HAVE FUN!!!

To find the right height of the coilover per side, It will require a few times to jack up the car, remove the wheel, adjust the coilover, install the wheel, jack the car down a few times. Requires beer and time to do this final final step. It took me 45 mins each side to get the perfect height I want.

Here’s a picture of how low my front looks like. The tires are like 1/4 inch away in height from the fender.

Before pic

After Pic

Its your option to get alignment right away after coilover installation but I choose not to because the coils has not settled in yet although with off alignment currently. It usually takes about 2 weeks for the coilover to settle in place.

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