Acura Legend (1991-1995) Inner Tie Rod DIY


Do you have a little wobble in your wheel or need a new set of inner tie rods
Then this DIY is for you.

Inner Tie Rod DIY


Pipe or Crecent wrench (I prefer a pipe )
A few other wrenches 13mm, 19mm, and a cresent
(I will correct these^tomorrow when I do the other side)

-First as you would guess safely jack up your car

-Now it is time to remove the protective boot that covers the tierod

-Next take your pipe wrench and lock it into place
(if you use a cresent it needs to be bigger than a 1 1/4″)

-With a Rubber mallet or heavy hammer of your choice tap the wrench till it breaks loose. When the tierods are worn out you will probably be able to hand turn them once they’re loose.

Once this part is unscrewed you can swivel it out from it’s location to make the removal of the inner tierod easier.

*****Now before you take the tierod off take a measurement*****

This way you can be sure to get everything properly aligned later

–I thought about this a little more after words and realized if you can get under your car to take a
before and after measurement from the outter ends of the tie rod it could be more accurate. and the
same process can be used for the outer tierod. . . .A DIY on that to come
-Now you can remove the tie rod using a couple of wrenches.

And then you are halfway there

***quick note***
Put the new inner tie rod on to your pre-measured length then count the amount of exposed threads. This will be so you can do a thread count vs a measurement later (you could still just do the measurement I suppose)

Now when putting the new inner tie rod back on I found it much easier to
put it on as described in the pic because it was really tight, the smaller wrench was easier to work with and the larger threads were easier to work with under these conditions.

put everything back on and grease and torque to the service manual’s specs and your done.

***Last note***

If your new set of inner tierods does not come with a lock washer you can remove the one from the worn one and place it on the new one as I did. and remember to clamp your boot back down as you won’t wanna do this again a few weeks down the road.

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