BMW 3 Series (2006-2011) Engine Cover Removal DIY

Remove the Engine cover on an E90 (2006-2011) BMW 3 Series

Works For:
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 BMW 3 Series Models
BMW 3 Series Includes:  316, 318, 320, 325, 328, 330, 335 and M3 .

Source: E90Post

Here’s how to remove the nice engine cover revealing the ugly messy engine below…

The screws on top of the cover are a ruse!! The cover simply lifts off. You just need to grab the front edge and pull it upwards then do the same at the back! You can now remove the cover. The cover is mounted by some little rubber doughnuts which sit on 4 metal nipples on the engine block.

To put the cover back on, slide it into place and push down to seat the doughnuts over the nipples (oo-er!  ) lining the cover up by centring the oil filler cap with the hole in the cover! Done!

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