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So I wanted to share with you the steps I used to do an “at home” power steering fluid flush. Yes, it’s really possible to do this at home. I must give credit where credit is due. User Ken4 on the ToyotaNation forum taught me how to do this on my 2004 Toyota Camry SEĀ I adapted this to my Hyundai.

So here you go:

Before you start, go to Home Depot / Lowes and buy some 3/8″ inch plastic tubing (about 7 feet should do) and buy a 3/8″ barb (see my first photo)
Also, grab a little used soft soap pump to pump out the old fluid.
Finally, but a good funnel

1. Jack up your Hyundai and place on jack stands. Make sure the wheels don’t touch the ground.
2. Open the hood and unscrew the 4 bolts which hold black plastic cover over the engine.
3. Here’s a photo of all my supplies …

4. Unscrew you power steering fluid cover and pump out the reservoir using your “handy dandy” soft soap pump.
5. Get a rag or shirt or pad and put it under the hoses (see my photo below)
6. Unhook the return line of the power steering fluid system. (outlined in red)

7. When you’re all set up and ready to pour here’s what it will look like

Here’s a photo of my Camry .. it looks the same for the Hyundai

8. Before you start pouring, you’ll need to plug the return line hole on the fluid reservoir. Some have used putty, other have used the 3/8″ inch tubing, others (like me) have simply used their finger. If you don’t cover the hole, your new P/S fluid will simply leak out as your pour it — and we don’t want that
9. Get your lovely assistant to get into the drivers seat to prepare to turn the steering wheel back and forth at your command.
10. Pour in your new power steering fluid and then tell your assistant to turn the wheel back and forth. Keep pouring as your dirty, used fluid comes out your plastic hose and into the bucket you’ve placed at the side of the car. The turning of the steering wheel will pump out the old fluid and suck in the new fluid. Remember, keep pouring as the person turns the wheel. If you don’t keep the fluid level up, air could get in to your system and that’s bad!!

That’s about it!!

Good luck!

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