Lexus LS (2001-2006) Transmission Flush DIY

A Transmission Flush DIY for the Third Generation Lexus LS (2001-2006)

Source: ClubLexus

I did a complete flush of my trans fluid today. Here is how to do it yourself.
You will need:
8 quarts of Toyota Type IV Transmission fluid
10 feet of 3/8″ I.D. (inside diameter) clear plastic tubing ($4 at Lowes)
(1) 1/2″ x 3/8″ tubing coupler
(1) large clear plastic container
(1) funnel with a long neck
(1) pair of plyers
(1) flathead screwdriver
empty containers to dispose of old trans fluid
10mm socket

On the left side of your engine you will see the two transcooler lines that run in and out of the bottom of the radiator. You want to use the line on the far left that has the blue spring clamp (in the picture) on it. My spring clamp was facing the bottom of the car so I had to remove the plastic shield underneath the front of the car and compress the clamp and spin it so it is facing up. You need the 10mm socket to remove the shield and the plyers to compress and spin the spring clamp.

Here is a view of the lines.

Here is the close up. The line with the blue spring clamp is the one you need to separate. Squeeze the clamp with a pair of plyers and slide it towards the front of the car. The rubber hose is tough to detach from the metal line the first time. I worked a flathead screwdriver into the end, work it around the entire circumference, and pushed it to the front. This is best done from underneath. Once it starts to move you can pull it off. It is not under pressure. You may get a couple of drips.

Once you get the black rubber hose off you push the clear 3/8″ ID hose on. No need for a clamp. You can leave the rubber hose unplugged. In the picture you will see the clear tube on the metal outlet. You can also see the coupler plugged into the rubber tube. I did that to see which end the fluid was going to come from. After I determined it was coming from the metal tube I disconnected from the rubber hose.

Now you need to determine how much fluid you are removing. I took a clear plastic container and poured a quart of water into it and marked the level. Then I put a second and third quart in and marked the levels.

Quality replacement fluid.

Take the trans fluid dipstick out and put a long necked funnel into the dipstick hole. It is below and slightly to the rear of the oil dipstick. I removed the oil dipstick. It was easier to work. The trans dipstick is pretty deep.

Now you are ready for the fluid change. Hold the end of the clear tubing in your clear container with the measuring lines. Have someone start the car. I tried doing it by myself but needed to hold the drain line during the process.The trans pump will pump the fluid out. When you hit the one quart line (about 10-15 seconds) turn the car off and pour in a quart of new fluid. Continue this until you have removed and refilled 8 quarts. That is when my fluid went from purple to cherry red. It is hard to see the red color in the tube so check as you pour from your measuring container into your disposal containers. When you are done there will be fluid in your clear tubing. I pulled it off of the metal trans cooler tube and pinched it with my fingers to minimize leaking. Hold it above your head and let gravity drain it into you disposal container.

I paid a little over $4 a quart for the fluid and $4 for the clear tubing. I use the metal coupler to connect both ends of the tubing together for storage. All of your trans fluid gets changed for under $40. This first time took about 1 1/2 hours. But now that I have spun the spring clamp around and know which transcooller line to attach to I could do it in 45 minutes. Much better than just a drain of the pan plus after the first time you don’t have to go under the car!

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